The Fire Chief Hires an Elephant

He starts to regret it. The elephant can’t slide down the pole or fit on the truck. None of the uniforms or equipment fit the elephant. The elephant steps on a Dalmatian.

The injured Dalmatian happens to be Spotty, everyone’s favorite Dalmatian. The Dalmatian everyone hates—Stripey—is secretly pleased.

The Fire Chief decides to fire the elephant. Comes up behind the elephant at his desk. The elephant is drinking coffee through his trunk. The Fire Chief startles the elephant, who sprays coffee everywhere.

A light bulb goes on over the Chief’s head. Coincidentally, five minutes later the Chief has a great idea.

The Chief gives the elephant a job serving coffee. Everyone’s happy. Except one guy, whose name is Jeff.

Jeff thinks the coffee is too cold now. The elephant explains that when the coffee is hot, it burns his trunk. Jeff makes a big deal about them not needing an elephant to serve coffee. The Fire Chief fires Jeff. Everyone’s happy.

Except Spotty, who is now bitter and angry. Spotty’s plans to put hydrochloric acid in the coffee maker, and thereby kill the elephant, are uncovered by Stripey. Spotty gets fired. Stripey gets promoted.

Spotty and Jeff get an apartment together. They talk a lot about getting even. Then they get cable. Then they get HBO. They watch a lot of TV and never get even.
The Fire Chief Hires an Elephant