LaLaLand Spoilers Ahead

hey guys do you think that the coffee shop at the end of lalaland was the same coffee shop at the beginning

the one that she worked in at the beginning on the movie lot

and then at the end of the movie she went into a similar coffee shop

im not saying it was the same one for sure

but now

instead of her working at a coffee shop

they were the ones serving her coffee

pretty interesting reversal dont you think

if it is in fact the same shop


also guys i think theres no question that emma stone deserved that award from the academy

ill tell you why i think that

it basically comes down to one scene at the beginning

yeah you know the one

do i even have to say it

the audition

heres why that scene was so great

she cried in the scene

it was very helpful i think to know that she was acting

so having her cry in an audition meant that we had no doubts about whether or not the actor emma stone was pretending to cry

instead of pretending we could also say acting

sometimes i watch a movie and i forget that the actors are just people pretending

but in that scene i was sure she was an actor pretending to cry and that was the clincher for me

give that actor an award for acting because shes definitely acting a whole lot

thats what the voice inside my heart said

thank god that the hearts of so many others also had voices that said the same thing

thank god that emma stone got that award

thank god so much for that


guys i also enjoyed the fact that the characters in the movie did so many things with only the slightest motivations

life is like that

one day you might not care much for jazz

but then the next day you hear a song thats not really jazz and boy does it turn you on to jazz

that happened to me with jalapeno poppers

i had one at a new years eve party and was like no thanks

but then i had them at arbys

oh boy was that ever a conversion moment for me

if youre on the fence about jalapeno poppers i think you should stand up carefully and go get some of those amazing jalapeno poppers at arbys

ive been wanting to talk about jalapeno poppers for awhile and lalaland gave me the courage to do just that

thank you lalaland and the academy

we like you we really like you

thank god for you

LaLaLand Spoilers Ahead

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