Thirty Minutes After I Placed the Order

the pizza deliver boy
arrived with two pizzas.
I showed him my gun
explained why he couldn’t leave.

He seemed relieved and asked
should he put his hands
behind his head or anything?

I looked at Corinne
the humor of this guy thinking
I stood on that kind of ceremony
her face beautiful
even when glowing hatred.

The pizza delivery guy asked
should he leave his car running
or does that attract
too much attention?

I told him I wished he
wouldn’t have left
his car running.
It made things difficult.
He said he didn’t know
he would be held captive
or he would have turned it off.

Then he said because of
an electrical problem
with the battery or something
he had to leave
it running his whole shift anyway.

I asked him does that eat
into your profits?
He said it definitely did
but being held hostage
wasn’t doing his profits
any particular favors either.

At some point he’d gotten himself
a piece of pizza.
He folded it down the middle
ate it in huge bites.

That piece of pizza
did not stand a chance.

I held the gun
on the pizza delivery guy
and made him empty his pockets.
He had an enormous phone
a bent joint and a wallet.

On the back of his phone
a sticker a picture
of the golden ratio.

I asked him did he know
what the golden ratio was?
He said of course he knew
what the golden ratio was.

I took his license
out of his wallet.
I asked him did he live
at the address on the license.
He said he did.

I took my own phone out
took a picture of the license
the address
texted it to Benjamin.

I told him if he fled
I would go to the address soon
and kill him.

If anything happened to me
I had texted a picture
of his license to my associate.
If that associate
didn’t hear from me in 48 hours
he would go to the address
and kill anyone there.

Then I put the phone back in my pocket.
In a moment felt a text come in.
I knew it was Benjamin texting back to say
what the hell is this?
since Benjamin works
for a floor cleaning company
and has never killed anyone.

I opened the door
watched him walk down to his car
turn it off
put the keys in his pocket
come back upstairs.

Corinne sat on the couch
laid down
turned over
away from me
faced the back of the couch.

I asked if she wanted any pizza.
The back of her head shook.
I found her dismissive attitude
about the pizza I’d gotten
for her
a little rude.

The pizza delivery guy came back
up to the apartment.

We ate more pizza.
He asked me was it okay
to smoke the joint?
I said you want to smoke weed
inside your captor’s apartment?
He said
outside then?

I sat out on the roof
with the pizza delivery guy
while he smoked.

I went down to the living room window.
Asked Corinne did she want to come up?
She didn’t turn around on the couch
her head shook again.

The pizza delivery guy and I talked
about how no one ever looks up
at the top of a building.
People walked by below
ignorant of us.

The pizza delivery guy thought
it would be funny to point
my gun at the people
without them ever knowing.
I disagreed
refused to do it
because gun ownership is a terrible responsibility.

He asked me
what was this whole thing
with the gun about
and why was I holding him hostage?

Corinne stuck her head out the window
said she was going to bed.
I said alright.

I said you can go
to the pizza delivery guy.
He said cool and would I
make sure to call
that Benjamin guy back?

I said I would.

He went
down the fire-escape
to his car
drove away.

I sat on the roof
looked down at the town
took the gun out and pointed it
at relationships
and love
and the golden ratio
every promise of perfection

Thirty Minutes After I Placed the Order

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