Very Clever Pun

In the interrogation room, the cops ask Pancho when he last saw Pedro Raskalnikov.

Good Cop: Answer, Pancho. Don’t make him …

Bat Cop: [emits echolocating screech]

Bat Cop turns his attention to the corner of the room. He flies to the corner, finds a moth there, and eats the moth. He turns towards the good cop and Pancho, moth remains stuck to his lips.

The good cop and Pancho both look nauseated.


Sergeant Ransom calls Bat Cop into his office and fires him. Bat Cop seems to not understand. He eats another moth.


Bat Cop’s wife, Gina, serves him with divorce papers. Bat Cop does not seem to understand the human convention of marriage, and as such is unaffected by his wife’s intention to divorce him. Gina turns away, crying, shocked by Bat Cop’s calloused response to her revelation. Bat Cop flies away.


Bat Cop moves into a church attic. He’s discovered there and the sexton makes friends with him. Bat Cop begins attending services. He joins the church on a mission trip to Mexico. People find his unblinking, vacant stare convicting and turn from their lives of sin. He’s responsible for many conversions.


One night Bat Cop is eating moths in the sanctuary. The good cop stumbles through the door, distraught. He’s given into the moral ambiguity seemingly inherent in law enforcement, and is far from a good cop. He’s come to the church seeking absolution. Bat Cop’s leathery wings alert the cop to his presence. Bat Cop stands in front of him. Bat Cop stares into his eyes. The formerly good cop sees himself in the glass orbs, and remembers who he used to be.

The good cop uncovers the corruption of the police department in the city. The police department and crime bosses team up to kill the good cop. The good cop dies a hero’s death.


Bat Cop eats moths in the church. He flies in the night sky. He doesn’t remember yesterday. He has no expectations for tomorrow. Bat Cop flies away somewhere else.

Very Clever Pun

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