Weekly Posts

Week of October 24th

Lucy, the Dead Cat – A dead cat accompanies a man on his walk to work.

An Honest Ghost – A ghost has some surprisingly corporeal concerns.

Death and Taxes – One man has been chosen by the dead for a terrible task.


Week of October 17th

Surprisingly Vocal – A man struggles with being too forthcoming about his faults.

You’re Invited –  A mother includes a note of warning with her son’s birthday invitation.

David and Michal – King David holds an early feat over his wife’s head.


Week of October 10th

Right Off the Plane – A six year-old boy discovers that travel has the power to transform.

Cakes Mingled with Oil – A pastor’s congregation sees something they can’t unsee.

Home Together – A homeschool mother lives by her wits.


Week of October 3rd

Duel – Two men face off in a horrible fight to the end . . . of that fight.

I Came Here to Tell You This – Where does a motivational speaker find his motivation?

At Sea – Falling in love is as easy as falling off a boat.